Arch support flip flops

A Step – by – Step guide for all the informations about arch support flip flops.

Do you ever scroll and scroll throuh different Google sites looking for a right answer on arch support flip flops?

Clicking links, opening page after page and still no answer?
Reading and trying to find appropriate post to suit your needs?

Or maybe you even saw an add about sandals with arch support, but now you are not sure if

this is really good for me, do I even need this?

But here it is not about me, even better it is about you, that you found the correct post
for all your troubles, questions and answeres about orthotic sandals.
Let me take you a step deeper, keep following, I wont bite!
Sooo, you want to know more about orthotic sandals and how they benefit you?
What even is orthotic sandal, how it works and why the price is higher compared to normal
As a former student of the Orthotic and Prosthetic field, and current worker for a company
ZAKISTAR, we will here cover pretty much all the basic questions and information that
concern people all around the world about orthotic sandals/flipflops.

Only interested in a specific topic? No problemo AMIGO!
Down bellow is a content list of topics that we will cover here, so feel free to jump on the
desired stuff right away and start reading!


3, 2, 1… LEETS GOO!

Great, you choose to start from the beginning. I like your spirit already!

So let me introduce my self in a few short sentances.

My name is Žiga, and I come from a small country in a middle Europe called Slovenia. Why I choose to study the field of Orthotics and Prosthetics is quite simple. When I was a kid, I had a few broken bones and I just admired a person who did a plaster cast on me. Nothing special right? Over the years I felt a need to help people, so why not help them in a way that interest also me.

So that is how it started.

I went to University of Health Sciences in Ljubljana. After 2 years of studying a joined the Erasmus exchange in Belgium to discover different approaches in the field. And after that I also did a month and half of volunteering in South America, Ecuador. Back home diploma work followed and after a year or so I joined Zakistar company and here I am, working, studying and most of all enjoying life.


Like I sad at the beginning. Surfing up and down through web pages, but at the end of the day you still have no answer?

That is a real bummer right?

Lets make it simple for you.

DO YOU EVEN NEED ORTHOTIC ARCH SUPPORT FLIP FLOPS, is the question you are asking yourself.

OK, I will be honest with you. Specificaly for you I dont know if you need them, but I can guide you through why you might or might not need them. Keep reading, we all can save money and time together!

»To make a good decision about buying orthotic sandals or shoes you have to know, how your foot works while you walk«


First of all, lets make things clear in a second. When walking barefoot your foot acts differently – more natural compared to when you have your shoes on.

But heey, what are you talking about, I cannot go to city center or on a date barefoot!?

And I agree with you. We all have to wear some kind of shoes.

Your foot is a complex structure and it consists of 3 compartments. Rearfoot, middlefoot and forefoot or front foot.

Each of them has a different task during your gait cycle or walking cycle, whatever you preffer.

Now a task for your imagination!

Imagine your foot as a big »elastic band«.

arch support explanation


ALOHAMORA Harry Potter would say and the door number 3 opens for you… Great job!

That is one of the most common question asked on the web.

Should I spend a little bit more money for sandals with arch support?

Your thoughts during winter: Ohhh, no problem if my foot looks a little bit unnetural, I am barefoot only with my fiance in the bed.

Your thoughts during summer: S**T,.. my foot looks really flat, what to do now?

First I have to explain you a basic anatomy structure of your foot.

In our foot we have 3 ARCHES, and the most known, also the biggest one is called medial arch. The other 2 are lateral arch which lies on the opposite side of medial arch. Last one is transversal arch and it is located in the middle of the foot, between medial and lateral arch.

Each of them plays an important role in the behaviour, pain prevention and estetic look of your foot.

If you check the previous section on how the foot works during walking, these arches are the so called elastics that streach and release.

Presuming that they stretch to much they can cause pain and different abnormalities during walking, but that is beyond this blog post.

So stay right here! You do not wonna visit special doctor to help them with!

In this post we will focus only on MEDIAL ONE. Like I sad it is the biggest and also the most noticeable in the sandal making industry.

If you know your medial arch is low, or if it has abnormal hight, it can be a reason of many different things.

flat foot problem

On the left side you can see normal foot, right side represents fallen foot

Most common reason is that you are wearing inappropriate foot wear already. Usually low medial arch occurs to people with constant over force to foot. For example basketball players who jump and run alot. Personally I have seen a lot of hockey players with low medial arch as well.

Next one is not your fault.

Maybe you dont have so strong muscels in the foot or your ligamentous are a little bit to laxed.

Obesity is also one of the reasons for low medail arch. To much force to handle BRO! Take care of your self.

Pregnant women usually experience flat foot problems. During weeks 12 – 34, when the baby is growing the most, feet tends to flatten.


Extra weight and also some hormonal changes during pregnancy.

There are ofcourse many other reasons why foot can flatten. Conginental deformities, joint deformities, muscle contration, edema, diabetes, ulcers and so on with the diseases.

And now you can answer your self on the top question that you asked!

Did you found yourself in any of that is writen above?

If the answer is YES, than it is probably worth spending a little bit more on sandals. And if you want even more then arch support, like extra massage when you walk and pressure point stimulation do not hesitate, check our website right now and get all for the price of one! https://zakistar.com/

If the answer is still NO, or maybe you have special problems, feel free to contant me on [email protected], and we can make adjustments on sandals just like on picture.

orthopedic sandals

We included soft padding for stress relief on painfull area of the patient foot


You still dont know if your arch is abnormal? There is a simple trick to do it for yourself. Go get pa white paper and ink. Paint your foot with ink and slowly step on paper. Compare the shape to picture bellow and you will easily find out!

healthy arch feet

Imprint of healthy foot left and imprint of flat foot on the right


Magic IS real! Just step right throu that door! And Narnia will follow..

Wondering what does plantar fasciitis even mean?

How to treat plantar fasciitis?

Or maybe do you need foot support like insoles for plantar fasciitis?

All of this, and a little bit more we will cover in this topic. Excited already?

If you look back for a second on the topic where we talked about flat foot, you can see, that we separeted our foot in 3 so called »regions«.plantar fasciia feet

Plantar fasciitis occurs in a middle section of your foot and is caused because of INFLAMMATION of your plantar fasciia.

It is also connected with your arches of the foot. Often it is a consequence of loss of those arches and by now you should know what that means. Dont know? Scroll up for a second and edjucate your self!

There is one more thing worth mentioning why it can occur.

It is the tightness of your calf muscels, which are connected to your Achilles tendon. If the musceles dont stretch enough during walking cycl

e, you can feel pain on your plantar aponeurosis and the pain is called?

You should know by now. Pain is called _______________?  Got it!?

But you are not here to discuss the symptoms, you came here to reduce those symptoms?

So the goal of intervention to reduce the painfull signs and symptoms is to trensfer weigh – bearing pressure from painfull to more tolerant areas of your foot.

Look at the picture, to check out, what are the 3 most tolerant areas for pressure on your foot.

Lets make it even more simple, for example:

Your pain is caused because your arches are not high enough. So what to do? Remeber the topic about flat foot problems..

Correct, you have to level your arches higher.

In case, your problem with plantar fascittis is not about flat foot but in tight musceles the answer goes like this.

The level of your heel bone should be a little bit higher then the rest of the foot. It also looks kinda stylish tho. Ladies, please dont go to high like high heels!


Check the next chapter on back pain!

No more pain, with stylish and trendy look for the summer time?


At company ZAKISTAR we make all adjustments. Send as a message to [email protected] to discuss what is best for you!

Also remeber and really IMPORTANT is that your foot needs to »BREATHE« and »BE FREE«, as much time as possible. So make sure that during the winter time, you DONT BUY really tight shoes WITHOUT medial arch support.

Take care of your foot and massage them often, they will be thankfull. Why spend a lot of money to treat your foot correct, when you can simple to that with few clicks?

And the best part is that you already know where to start looking for!


If it is not right, go left!

If it is not left go find door ZAKISTAR!


All of us, want to look good at some events in our life story.

And that is good. You just simple cannot attend some important life affair by having a casual look or outfit.

But is looking good also healthy for your body, or maybe you actually dont feel good in that dress and shoes, but you kinda have to have it because otherwise people would look strange at you?

For example: In our history of time, ladies were wearing braces to make them look thick and attractive.

But do you think that was comfortable? Almost certainly no right.

Here I will not focus on dresses, rather we will talk about sandals.

High heels are today the most common way to attend a special occasion (for ladies I mean). But like I said, do you feel comfortable in them? Does it hurt when you wear them?

Well if you are still young woman, you can get used to them quite easily.

But just think about it. Is your posture natural when you wear them?

Put them on and go stand in front of the mirror with and without them.

And I mean do it, right now! I will wait no problem?

Take a closer look to your back bone, more specific to your lower back. Is the posture in them natural?

Not really right.

The reason why you can wear high heels is that because you increase your lumbar lordosis (your lower back). By increasing that curve of the back bone you prevent yourself from falling on your nose.

By standing in that unnatural posture your can start feeling pain in your lower back bone.

See the picture for yourself.

Think about fingers on your foot as well!

High heels have narrow ends. Wearing them can offten cause so called hallux walgus deformity on your big toe finger.

This I will not present with a picture, but believe me, it doesnt look nice.

Despite the fashionable preferance for shoes with narrow or pointed toes and slim high heels, the most foot – friendly dress shoe for woman is a a rounded – toe Mary Jane style.

Prerequisites of good dress sandal should include a roomy toe box, low stable heel, flexible outsole and arch support.

But what if I say that you can look classy without any high heels?!

Even more, you can release the pain from your back and heel bone, and add comfortable feeling.

Think about your future not just present in this moment.

Not everyone can live their life to the fullest maximum almost to the end of their days.

But HEEY!, after reading this at least you know how start living like that!

What is the worst that can possible happen to you?

It is incredibly easy to get started looking good in all ocasions and subconsciously taking care of other parts of your body as well!

I bet you know where to start!


Having problems with bunions / hallux valgus?

Feeling pain on every step?

Good news for you is that for every problem there stands a solution!


Bunions are bony bumps that occurs in the middle section of your big toe on your foot. They tend to happen slowly, over time and once they appear it can really hurt badly.

This deformity is often associated with long – term wearing shoes with a triangular toe box.

There are 3 things to be considered in the sandal prescription if you are struggling with bunions:

  1. Reducing pressure to the first joint (big toe).
  2. Eleminate abnormal pressure from narrow – fitting sandals.
  3. Reducing flat foot, just like we talked in the first section.

So question you are asking your self is probably how to fix the problem.

People with these kind of problems benefit with sandals that have high and wide toe boxes

Or simplified, OPEN FINGER BOX.

You should consider also wearing a sandal that has leather straps, just because leather gets really comfortable over time.

Make sure you also distribute pressure towards areas that are meant to handle the body force. One way to do that is to lower your heel as much as possible.

For more information how to distribute pressure just slide upwards on the topic sandals for back pain treatment!

Additionally, the choice of a sandal is also, that is should be a little bit longer and wider.

Like I sad lether all the way AMIGO!

The last thing here is to reinforce your sandal with medial arch support. I have written a topic for you about that as well, so just jump around the post!


That is good, because all the world and new learned knowladge is a head of you, and you now know how to use it to your specific life style!

Knowladge is power, great minds of the world woud say.

There is literally nothing that can take it away from you!

Now you can decide way easily with which ARCH SUPPORT FLIP FLOPS you need to go on the beach and some shoe prescriptions when it is cold outside.


I have also seen that people are wondering why orthotic sandals are more expensive than normal »flat« ones.

More or less, because the technique is different, more complex with all the details added to help improve stability and disability.

But by reading this post from the top to bottom you can make your own conclusion why.

While it doesnt take a lot of effort to get few basics right, it might kill you while you searched all the covered topic on different Google pages.

And I really recommend you to START LOOKING FOR YOUR PREFERED SANDALS RIGHT NOW, because it can take few months to experience and see good results.

Remember, here you are not buying anything, you are investing in your healthy future in stylish and trendy way!

So who knows – maybe next summer you will be the one standing out, not hiding your foot anymore.

I hope that this guide helped you, your family or your friend make a good decison.

After all, I was here to make your life easier!


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