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Unique Design You will always stand out of the crowd with ZAKISTAR flip flops, because of the unique design with pebbles and leather.


Reflexology & Massage ZAKISTAR flip flops not only look great, but also make you feel good. There are 7200 nerve endings in our feet. ZAKISTAR flip flops stimulate pressure points and increase the blood circulation which helps your body stay healthy.

Handcrafted &; Natural We spend a lot of time on our feet, and we believe it is time we gave everyone a chance to make our steps lighter and our feet happier by returning to natural materials and simple but effective designs.

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Unique key features

Hand craftsmanship:

Each pebble is carefully placed to make sure it offers the most comfort.

Reflex massage:

Pebbles stimulate reflex points with every step

Proven Health Benefits:

From flat feet to healthy feet shape in 3 weeks.


We are inspired by nature so we try to do everything we can to protect it.

We stand for slow fashion which means to create quality durable products that last longer so you produce less trash.

We use ZERO plastic. From product to packing.


We understand you need to try them to FEEL the benefits.

Try your pair for 10 or 14 days. You will LOVE them. If not… send them back and we will return your money no questions asked.

Stay healthy, Stay Natural!


EU 37 | UK (men) 4,5 | UK(women) 4 | Australia (men) 4,5 | Australia (women) 5| USA (men) 5 | USA (women) 6,5 | Centimeters 23.8

EU 38 | UK (men) 5,5 | UK(women) 5 | Australia (men) 5,5 | Australia (women) 6| USA (men) 6 | USA (women) 7,5 | Centimeters 24.5

EU 39 | UK (men) 6,5 | UK(women) 6 | Australia (men) 6,5 | Australia (women) 7| USA (men) 7 | USA (women) 8,5 | Centimeters 25.1

EU 40 | UK (men) 7 | UK(women) 6,5| Australia (men) 7 | Australia (women) 7,5| USA (men) 7,5 | USA (women) 9 | Centimeters 25.4

EU 41 | UK (men) 7,5 | UK(women) 7 | Australia (men) 7,5 | Australia (women) 8| USA (men) 8 | USA (women) 9,5 | Centimeters 25.7

EU 42 | UK (men) 8 | UK(women) 7,5 | Australia (men) 8 | Australia (women) 8,5| USA (men) 8,5 | USA (women) 10 | Centimeters 26

EU 43 | UK (men) 8,5 | UK(women) 8| Australia (men) 8,5 | Australia (women) 9| USA (men) 9 | USA (women) 10,5 | Centimeters 26,7

EU 44 |UK (men)10 |UK(women) 9,5 | Australia (men) 10 | Australia (women) 10,5|USA (men) 10,5 |USA (women) 12|Centimeters 27.3

EU 45 |UK (men) 11 |UK(women) 10,5| Australia (men) 11 | Australia (women) 11,5|USA (men) 11,5 |USA (women) 13|Centimeters 27,9

5 reviews for Swan White

  1. Rok Žemva (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for this kind of footwear for years, and it turned out that I forgot to check under my very nose!
    I’ve been a bare-foot-wear user for about 3 years now and my feet have become well adapted to all kind of terrain. The only thing that was missing was having that kind of “massage” on concrete, or even in my kitchen!
    Luckily, I live pretty close to the HQ so I went to try them out in person.
    I’ve been wearing them most of the day and they fit snugly onto my feet, and the leather strap adjusted quite well over a few hours.
    I applaud the artisan behind this innovative and ambitious vision of bringing the wellness to our feet and body – by simply wearing a mobile foot massage in a casual manner. It’ll be hard to wear anything else after I get used to this!

    P.S.: Also tried the premium model “Bosohodke”, and they’re definitely on my wishlist sometime in near future!

  2. MajaF

    After a long day working standing up, nothing feels better than a feet massage. And if you have noone to massage your feet, these flipflops will press all the right spots. Recommend

  3. Tjasa Skubin

    I bought flip flops for my mother for her birthday, she was thrilled with them because they look good and they are great to walk in. I recommend them to anyone who wants a pleasant feeling while walking.

  4. Linda (verified owner)

    I love my new flip flops! They look cute and feel like a quality item. The leather straps are still a bit tight, but I’m sure they’ll stretch when I’ve worn them a few times. The little pebbles feel wonderful underneath my feet. Very happy with my purchase!

  5. Ana Č.

    I received Zakistar flipflops as a present. They were beautiful, but unfortunetely they didn’t fit my feet. They were too tight.
    I contacted Zakistar and the problem was solved within a day or two.
    Now I am satisfied because new ones are great.

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