Back in 2015 I read a book about Peter Florjancic, the most popular Slovenian inventor. Just like him, I also come from the town of Bled. His life story inspired me with the desire to create. I spent the summer looking for ideas.


Close to my house there is a river where take my dog for a walk (by the way his name is Zaki). He loves swimming in the river. While he was swimming I often walked on the pebble river bank. It felt really comfortable, like a massage except for a few painful moments, when I stepped on a sharp pebble. I remembered hearing about how healthy barefoot walking is and I started thinking how could I incorporate it into everyday life without looking like a weirdo or accidentally stepping on glass. In a few days the idea for healthy flip flops with pebbles was born.


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A few prototypes and meetings later I realised I need more money to bring the idea to life, as all of my earnings were beginning to run out. Despite not liking the idea I decided to share my idea on Kickstarter. We spent last summer preparing the Kickstarter campaign. You can still check out our Kickstarter page and see what we made. We made a few personal models, recorded a video presentation, shot a few photos and built our first website. Unfortunately we ran out of money for marketing and our campaign didn’t reach the goal, but we got a lot of positive feedback and orders from the few people that have seen it.

The next few months have been very hard. With almost no money left, we set out to complete our last orders before giving up on the idea.


"Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going." - Roy T. Bennett


As in every good story there was a turn of events. The customers we put our last hope in, responded. Their amazing feedback got us back on our feet, and gave us the motivation we needed. Zakistar was back. We set new plans and with fresh wind in our sails we set of towards winter, determined to solve the production problems and continue.

Each pair of Zakistar flip flops, whether being shipped to the rich and famous (<a href="#">or at least their kids</a>), or shipped across town, are made with care, perfection and a love for your feet they are intended for.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our product!

<em>Team Zakistar</em>