1) Do pebbles fall off?

At the beggining one or two pebbles are excpected to fall off. The rest can stay they for 4 years… we dont have longer history so it can be longer 🙂

2) Does it hurt?

Our feets are made for walking on pebbles! Its healthy. However if you have really soft skin we suggest you wearing them just for 1h per day for first few days… your feet will quicly adapt and you can wear them normally later and enjoy massage with everystep. If you have normal feet it will be no problems. You can see reaction when people try them for the first time in our video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2TkSMEKEXs

3)How long does it take to create a pair?

Its all handcrafted and created in Slovenia, Europe. It takes about 2h for classic designs. Around 3h for orthopedic flip flops with arch support and upt to 5h for some cute custom made design when you need to draw a rose with pebbles. Its Art 🙂

For the river model we need to collect pebbles from local river and only that takes around 5h per pair and then you have to clean and select the best ones. Thats why they are a bit more expensive. But they are fully natural they look beautiful and the feeling is the best.

4) What are the materials?

We use as natural materials as possible. Comfortable genuine leather for straps that adapt to your feet. Pebbles are natural for river model are collected from our local river Sava. High quality durable rubber for the sole.

5) How durable they are?

From now on we can say they are very durable. We were developing the product for 5 years. But now we came close to perfection and our products can last more years. We hope more than 5 years…


1)What is so great about Zakistar?

Completely unique combination of fashion health care and natural way. You don’t pay for the name you pay for the creation, additional value and better product.

2) What if I dont like the product?

We are sure that you will LOVE the feeling! However if you want to return the product you can do it in 10 days after reciveing it. You pay the shiping and when we get the product we refund or send you different product that you like more.

3) How did you come up with the idea?

You can read our story https://zakistar.com/story/ … It all started with a dog named ZAKI 😉

4) Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship worldwide!

If you have a question that is not yet among FAQ ask away… [email protected]