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Step 1) You can choose colors of pebbles and make any pattern (your name, sun, Micky Mouse…). You can also choose engraving on left strap.

Step 2) Get a great idea what flip flops would you like to have

Step 3) Complete the order

Step 4) After your order we will contact you via email to talk about your wish and what flip flops design you want us to create.

After that it will take max 3 days to create and send out you personalised flip flops. Its also great gift idea.

Worldwide shipping

Unique Design You will always stand out of the crowd with ZAKISTAR flip flops, because of the unique design with pebbles and leather.


Reflexology & Massage ZAKISTAR flip flops not only look great, but also make you feel good. There are 7200 nerve endings in our feet. ZAKISTAR flip flops stimulate pressure points and increase the blood circulation which helps your body stay healthy.

Handcrafted &; Natural We spend a lot of time on our feet, and we believe it is time we gave everyone a chance to make our steps lighter and our feet happier by returning to natural materials and simple but effective designs.

Please select the size of the flip flops



EU 37 | UK (men) 4,5 | UK(women) 4 | Australia (men) 4,5 | Australia (women) 5| USA (men) 5 | USA (women) 6,5 | Centimeters 23.8

EU 38 | UK (men) 5,5 | UK(women) 5 | Australia (men) 5,5 | Australia (women) 6| USA (men) 6 | USA (women) 7,5 | Centimeters 24.5

EU 39 | UK (men) 6,5 | UK(women) 6 | Australia (men) 6,5 | Australia (women) 7| USA (men) 7 | USA (women) 8,5 | Centimeters 25.1

EU 40 | UK (men) 7 | UK(women) 6,5| Australia (men) 7 | Australia (women) 7,5| USA (men) 7,5 | USA (women) 9 | Centimeters 25.4

EU 41 | UK (men) 7,5 | UK(women) 7 | Australia (men) 7,5 | Australia (women) 8| USA (men) 8 | USA (women) 9,5 | Centimeters 25.7

EU 42 | UK (men) 8 | UK(women) 7,5 | Australia (men) 8 | Australia (women) 8,5| USA (men) 8,5 | USA (women) 10 | Centimeters 26

EU 43 | UK (men) 8,5 | UK(women) 8| Australia (men) 8,5 | Australia (women) 9| USA (men) 9 | USA (women) 10,5 | Centimeters 26,7

EU 44 |UK (men)10 |UK(women) 9,5 | Australia (men) 10 | Australia (women) 10,5|USA (men) 10,5 |USA (women) 12|Centimeters 27.3

EU 45 |UK (men) 11 |UK(women) 10,5| Australia (men) 11 | Australia (women) 11,5|USA (men) 11,5 |USA (women) 13|Centimeters 27,9


For bigger or smaller sizes send us an email and we will do it for you – [email protected]

Zakistar, a creative new flip flop design, presents stylish footwear that massages feet
and stimulates acupressure points with every step. Every pair of flip flops is made by
hand, with pebbles carefully mounted one by one to ensure comfort and quality for you.

Offers the health benefits of barefoot walking without having to expose your feet
to city surfaces and can be worn anywhere.

Zakistar Flip Flops don’t sacrifice style for comfort.
These sandals are sure to please both the wearer’s eyes and feet and offer unique
health benefits.

We will make everything to connect you back with your natural origin powers in stylish and trendy way!

Stay healthy, Stay Natural!

4 reviews for Custom Made

  1. Patricija, the Zakistar Flip Flops Fan

    I am really amazed with my Zakistar purchase. Unique idea and amazing product that impresses. And don’t get me even started about relaxed feeling on my feet!
    Will definitely order second pair (and third, just to be ready for long summer!).

  2. Wija

    I got my custommade pair of Zakistar flipflops already a few years ago and loved to wear them immediately. They last for a long time…I’m still wearing this first pair!
    They are a treat to the feet!

  3. Galina Antonova

    I’ve had mine for a couple of years and still love wearing them till this day! I love how they make my feet feel. The most comfortable and healthy slippers! Absolutely worth the money!
    I definitely cannot go back to wearing a regular slippers after Zakistar flip flops!

  4. Lara Žganjar

    I really love my Zakistar flipflops. They are made of high quality materials and have beautiful details. I love purple stones that massage my feet while I walk. I would recommend to anyone who appreciates high quality foot wear.

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