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High quality material handcrafted into beautiful art that helps your feet stay healthy!

Best for your feet.

Massage + Support

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Ortopedix Flip flops

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Othopedic flip flops


We use only high-quality natural materials

-genuine leather for comfortable straps
-real natural pebbles for massage


We are inspired by nature so we try to do everything we can to protect it.

We stand for slow fashion which means to create quality durable products that last longer so you produce less trash.

We use ZERO plastic. From product to packing.

Hand craftsmanship:

No shoemaker could help us they all said they work only with leather. In 5 years we perfected our production to make natural healthy and stylish flip flops possible.

Each pebble is carefully placed to make sure it offers the most comfort.
Leather straps are protected with beeswax.

Warranty and Returns:

If its something wrong with the product or you want a new one send it back and we will replace the product or return the money.

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Gold, Black, White


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